The Authenticity
of John 7:53-8:11

Last Updated: Sept 28, 2010

        ...over 400 articles on authenticity alone!
        Thats about 40,000 pages of printed data!

External Evidence: <-- Click here for textual evidence - now our largest section!

We now have over 200 articles on the manuscript evidence of John 8:1-11, with many color photos and other rare material. The scholarship spans 400 years of research, from Catholic and Protestant scholars to modern critics. Included are reviews and critiques, with footnotes to all materials, updated by the latest discoveries and new knowledge about John 8:1-11.

A whole new section on Scribal Errors/Haplography has been added!

Internal Evidence: <-- Click Here for literary evidence

Now we have over 40 articles! This includes interconnections between John 8:1-11 and the Gospel, grammatical questions of style and structure, and even Form and Redaction criticism, as well as modern literary criticism.

Patristic Evidence: <-- Click here for Early Fathers etc.

All Ecclesiastical evidence will be found here, including harmonies, homilies, commentaries, and collections of Apostolic teachings. Here is evidence reaching back to pre-NT times, even the Egyptian Kingdom periods. Currently we have over 35 articles on the early fathers and more.

Extra-Canonical Evidence: <-- Click here for non-Christian Sources etc.

All Extra-Canonical evidence will be found here, including histories, heretical materials, gnostic gospels, forgeries, and ancient skeptics and critics. Here is evidence reaching back to pre-NT times, even the Egyptian Kingdom periods. Currently we have over 20 articles of extra-canonical material.

Opponents of John 8:1-11: <-- Click Here for those against authenticity

Many a textual critic has made the tragic mistake of attempting to 'prove' John 8:1-11 was some kind of forgery or pious deception, or a bumbling error by copyists. We examine some of the most famous, and infamous, efforts here. Currently about 60 articles on both honest and dishonest opponents.

Special Evidence: <-- Click Here for NewTestament Evidence for John 8:1-11

...another 20+ articles! - the Synoptic Problem and more! Now with new section on O.T. Quotation Structures!

Coming soon:
Timeline / Chronology
Lukanisms reassessed
Ancient Manuscript Masterlist
Origen and Eusebius revisited
A History of Text-Critical Efforts
More Early Fathers and Apocrypha
John's Style: the current state of affairs

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