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Textual Critics for John 8:1-11
1675J. Lightfoot - hints at solution!
1707J. Mill - coming soon
1710Whitby - coming soon
1729R. Bentley- early collations
1742J. Bengel new! - (Eng.xlat-1877)
1786Matthaei - coming soon
1793Dettmers - coming soon
1801Michaelis brief examination
1806Staudlin - coming soon
1807P. Doddridgeagrees with Mill new!
1816Hug - coming soon
1825A. Clarke new! supports authenticity
1826S. T. Bloomfielda masterly defence!
1830Scholz - coming soon
1842 W. Trollopescholarly analysis
1856 T. H. Horne& Tregelles' tampering
1863Hilgenfeld - coming soon
1864 F. L. Godetwith modern footnotes
1865Dr. F. NolanUnited Church minister
1870S. Leathes new!Integrity of John
1871Lange new!John's Authenticity
1872Dunwell with Scrivener/Burgon
1885D. Thomasquotes Farrar new!
1888W. KellyTextual Commentary
1891 R. Harris 2nd cent. evidence: PA
1892 R. Harris PA: Lost Quire?
1892 S. Whitney authentic tradition
1893 J. Robinson Montanist Deletion new!
1894 F. H. A. Scrivenera balanced review
1896J. Burgonthe classic defence!
1897E. Miller2 opposing schools
1914J. MacRory new! RC commentator
1925C. Bushnell a famous defence
1956W. Barclay positive commentator
1966R.E. Brownmixed signals
1979Z. Hodgesgreat introduction!
1984E. F. Hillsstrong evang. defence
1984G.H. Clarkevidence, arguments
1997W.L. Petersendeep study: Prot.James
1999F. N. Jonestextual commentary
2006D.SuttonSyriac evidence
2008C. Keith recent survey
2010J.D. Punch more review soon!
2010G. Davis new!traditional evidence
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Coming soon:
Johnson on PA
C.J. Carter on PA
O.D. Fuller on PA Holmes on PA
J.D. Punch on PA
An Exhaustive Text-Critical Commentary on PA
A History of Text-critical Efforts

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