and John 8:1-11

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Synoptic Problem
and John 7:53-8:11

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Onsite Articles:
Introduction to Synoptic Problem
Synoptic Problem Pt. I - Mark and Luke
Synoptic Prob. Pt. II - Mark and Matthew
Synoptic Prob. Pt. III - Mark/Luke/Matthew
Synop. Prob. Pt. IV - Luke/Matthew: Dislocations
Synop. Prob. Pt. V - John & the Synoptics
Synop. Prob. Pt. VI - Mark & The Lukan Omission
Synop. Prob. Pt. VII - Mark, John & Jn 8:1-11

The Wilke Model - a basic solution + options new!

Onsite Supplimentary Material:
Sectional Outline: - Mark
Sectional Outline: - Luke
Sectional Outline: - John
Sectional Outline: - Matthew new!

O.T. Quotation Structure: - new! May 2 09

Introduction - to O.T. Quotation Structure
Chart & notes: - Mark's Gospel
Chart & notes: - John's Gospel
Chart & notes: - Luke's Gospel
Chart & notes: - Matthew new!
Chart & notes: - Luke & Matthew new!

External Research Links
Synoptic Problem

General Discussions:
NT Gateway - Synop. Prob. - web resources
The Syn. Problem Website - S. C. Carlson's Site
Synoptic FAQ Sheet -S. Carlson
The Case Against Q - Mark Goodacre's Site
Farmer on Matthean Priority - G. Trowbridge
3 Source Theory - Ron Price's Site
Synoptic Problem:Present State - W.R. Farmer
Synoptic Chart - James Snapp Jr. new!

On Mark:
Vincent Sapone on Mark - excellent introduction
Peter Kirby on Markan Priority
Koester on Proto-Mark - from S. Carlson
S. Carlson on Markan Priority
Lukan Omission Mark 6:45-8:26, David Ross

On Luke:

...coming soon!

On Matthew:
Matthew (1) - Jewishness ...Anti-Pharisaism
Matthew (2) - End-of-Time Expectation, Miracles
Matthew (3) -Christology, Idealization of Apostles
Matthew (4) - Anecdotal Material, conclusions
Isaiah's Christ in Matthew - (.pdf) sample of Beaton's book

Matthew & the Didache - Garrow's Website & book

On John:

...coming soon!

Coming soon:
John and Luke
John and Matthew
Luke and John 8:1-11
Matthew and John 8:1-11

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