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Published Critical Texts:
John 7:53-8:11

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Published Critical Texts: Jn 8:1-11

Year(s)Greek Texts (PA)Hist.Notes/Methods
16th century:
1516-22  Erasmus' Text Erasmus 1Erasmus 2
1550Stephen's TR * Trad. text 3rd ed.
1564 Vogel (TR) Stephen's 3rd ed.
1565 T. Beza (TR) Stephen's 3rd ed.
1572 Montanus Traditional text
1597 Wechel Traditional text
1598 T. Beza (5th ed) Beza on the PA
17th century:
1624Elzevir Traditional text
1633Elzevir (TR) 2nd ed.
1675 J. Fell TR w collations
1701J. Leusden, Elzevir, hapax leg.
18th century:
1707John Mill (TR) Michaelis Mill
1707 Toinard (RC) 2 oldest MSS + Vulgate
1711G. von Maestricht Fell's collations
1713M. Maittaire (TR) License: Queen Anne
(1720) (R. Bentley) project abandoned
1729 Mace edited
1734J. Bengel Mich.: Bengel
1735von Maestricht 2 ed. Wetstein preface
1741J. Leusden (rep.) (prol. Wetstein!)
1745W. Whiston Cod. Bezae (D)
1751-2 Wetstein Mich.: Wetstein
1753Goldhagen (TR)w.Grk MSS/Vg
1756M. Maittaire (TR)reprinted
1763W. Bowyeruses Wetstein's text
1772J. Leusden (TR) (reprinted)
1776E. Harwood On Harwood
1786 Matthai
1792A. Geddes On Geddes
1796 (v1)Griesbach (w.PA)
1797...Knapp Mace's text
19th century:
1806/09 Griesbach vol.2/2 Mich: Griesbach
1805-39 Schott edited text
1817A. Dickinson Mill's text w.notes
1820-31J.A.H. Tittman edited text
1823WhittakerGriesbach 2nd ed.
1827 Schulz Griesbach 3rd ed.
1828C. Lloyd (Mill's TR)Oxford +Euseb.C
1830-36Scholz (TR, RC) Scholz' Method
1831Lachmann (om.PA) On Lachmann Bentley's plan
1842-50Lachmann Greek & Latin V.
1840-61HahnTittman NT, Eng.fn
1841-69Tischendorf (1st ed)slags Scholz in proleg.
1844-75TheileKnapp Lach. Hahn
1849-59Alford [PA: sb]
1855Bloomfield (TR) refutes Alford
1859Cardinal Mai (no PA)Codex B (1209)
1860W. Duncan (TR)(Dickinson) w. Griesb. notes
1861Tregelles (PA: f.note)3 texts
1863-65B.Wilson (Jeho.Witness)Griesbach, Mai
1868Wordsworth 3 txts On Wordsworth
1869Tischendorf 7th edTisch. apparatus
1877Gregory/DavidsonTisch. 8th ed.
1882Westcott/Hort (PA append.)
1892...A. Huck Tisch. txt
1894F.H.A.Scrivener Text under KJV
1898J.M.S.Baljon 2 txtsTR/D Texts & Appar.
20th century:
1902D. Weiss
1904E. Nestle (BFBS)Tisch8,WH,Weiss
1910,47Souter [PA] (2 ed.)edited TR/Appar.
1911Von Soden (PA) v. Soden's Theory
1920McLachlan conj. Lukan Text
1920-55Vogels(Greek & Latin)
1933-65Merk (PA) 9 editions von Soden base
1934WikgrenLect. Text & talk
1936...Lietzmann/OpitzNestle txt
1943-68Bover edited Text
1960Nestle-Alandwith apparatus
1968UBS-2nd ed.Text & Apparatus
1975NA-26 Text= UBS3/4, NA-27
1981H. Greevenvon Soden/Byz
1985Hodges/Farstad Byzv.Soden - μ6
1997Merk 11th ed.von Soden base
21st century:
2001UBS-4Text & Apparatus
2005Robinson-Pierpont Byz w. PA
2008In-House PA PA μ5 &Appar.
2008Net-Bible [[PA]] W/H, Harris on PATisch./TR
2010IGNTP Text Byzant. & Appar.
2010SBL-GNT (PA)Critical Txt. & Appar.
Other Texts:
1860Latin Vulgate PATischendorf's Ed.
1898Horner Coptic (Bohairic)
1901GwynnSyriac Crit. Texts

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Lucke (1707) - on the PA
Horner (1911) Coptic (Sahidic) Text

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