Updates: 2010


Dec 19Textual Ev. Ancestors of Aleph/B 2

Reconstructed MSS: Mark

Dec 18Textual Ev. Ancestors of Aleph/B 1

Reconstructed MSS: Matt.

over 200 New Articles added since January!
Dec 5Scrivener Scrivener's TC Blog: in full

NT Textual Criticism

Dec 4Opponents White: the PA

J. Boyd reviews White on PA

Dec 3Textual Ev. Olley: Uncial Punctuation

Cod. B: double dots, spaces

Dec 2Naz's TC Blog Naz's TC Blog: PA & more

NT Textual Criticism

Dec 1KJV Blog KJV Blog: vs. WH

open debate of NT text

Nov 27Textual Ev. P-Oxy-1780: & notes

3rd cent. Frag.John 8:14-21

Nov 25Textual Ev. G.H. Clark: & the PA

evidence and arguments

Nov 23Textual Ev. Greek Punctuation: E.Tov

Marks on Early Gk MSS

Nov 21Textual Ev. P45: readings

unusual readings of interest

Nov 18Textual Ev. Homoioteleuton: Aleph/B

Archetype physical layouts!

Nov 17Textual Ev. UBS Gaffes2 Update

new reconstruction pics!

Nov 16Textual Ev. UBS Gaffes Update

new reconstruction pics!

Nov 15Reconstr. M5 Text (2010): PA

RP-GNT & IGNTP notes (print)

Nov 9Reconstr. D. Holmes (2010): the PA

SBL GNT: Jn 7-8, notes

Nov 3Internal Ev. J. Staley (1999): the PA

chiasm, unity of Jn 7-8

Nov 2Textual Ev. Masterlist: homoioteleut.

Updated w. new NIV (2010 ed.)

Nov 1Textual Ev. Snapp: Eclecticism

(2010) Review of New System

Oct 30Textual Ev. Michaelis: Conjecture

(1802) merits and limits

Oct 23Reconstr. Erasmus: GNT (1516)

The first Printed Greek NT!

Oct 22Textual Ev. G. Fee & the Maj.Text

(1993) critiques Hodges

Oct 21Textual Ev. Base-Texts & Maj.Text

Use of Base-Texts in TC

Oct 20Textual Ev. Michaelis & the Latin

Value of the Latin in TC

Oct 18Textual Ev. J. Newman (1839) - Scholz

Scholz' theory: a review

Oct 17Patristic Ev. M. Koke - Papias

dating, John, etc.

Oct 16Textual Ev. M5 Masterlist - P. Anderson

Greek MSS: μ5 + variants

Oct 15Textual Ev. OL MS list - D. Buck

Old Latin MSS & PA

Oct 13Textual Ev. Maj Text (2010)

Snapp, Avery, Nazaroo

Oct 7Textual Ev. P66: Jn 4:1

(250 A.D.) photo & text

Oct 6Textual Ev. Lucian Recension: Debate

(2006) Snapp/Warner Debate

Oct 5Textual Ev. Majority Text: Origin

(2010) Snapp/Naz on Fee

Oct 4Textual Ev. H. Von Soden: Omissions

(1911), xlated, in Aleph/B

Oct 3Textual Ev. J. Griesbach: TC Canons

(1797), xlated, Alford (1849)

Oct 2Textual Ev. K. Aland (1989): TC Canons

12 Rules of TC reviewed

Oct 1Textual Ev. D.A. Black (1994): on TC

4 Methods of Textual Crit

Sep 23Textual Ev. MS GA-65 (BMH 5776)

(11th cent.) photos, has PA

Sep 22Textual Ev. MS GA-011 (BMH 5684)

(9th cent.) photos, has PA

Sep 21Masterlist Sortable Author List

with Sub-Lists by Category

Sep 20Supplement. J. Grob (1883): Eucharist

(1529) Luther vs. Zwingli

Sep 19Patristic Ev. L. Foster: Apost. Fathers

(1969) discusses quotations

Sep 19Textual Ev. T. Brown: Unitarian Bias

(1979) UBS and modern vers.

Sep 18Textual Ev. TC Menus Overhaul

new menus, better navigation

Sep 17Opponents R. Rayburn (2000): PA

buys into academia's position

Sep 16Commentary Coffman: PA (1950)

a believing commentary

Sep 15Textual Ev. Milligan : TC Canons

(1873) Lachmann explained

Sep 14Commentary Davis: PA (2010)

why it is scriptural

Sep 13Commentary Gifford: PA (2007)

a real commentary!

Sep 12Commentary Cimino: PA (2010)

authentic gospel

Sep 12News Global Link fixes

Website updates, expansions

over 150 New Articles added since January!
Sep 11Internal Ev. MacLean (1895): Jn Style

keywords and phrases

Sep 11Reconstr. Aland (1987): von Soden

explaining V.S. apparatus

Sep 11Internal Ev. Alford (1863): John Style

Lucke/Luth. thematic structure

Sep 10Textual Ev. Textual Errors: BLOG!

Add your own comments!

Sep 9SiteMap Updated Sitemap

new Website expansions

Sep 8Opponents JP Holding: the PA

"loose leaf" by Luke?

Sep 7Textual Ev. UBS Omissions list UBS

70 Homoioteleuton Errors

Sep 7Reconstr. Toinard: GNT (1707)

A RC promotes Codex B!

Sep 5Textual Ev. A. Clarke: PA (1825)

upholds authenticity

Sep 5Commentary Doddridge: PA (1807)

agrees with Mill

Sep 5Commentary Calvin: PA (1553)

Nomist/legalist interpretation

Sep 4Reconstr. Beza: PA (1598)

Beza's flawed logic

Sep 3Reconstr. Wetstein (1752)

Vincent, Baird, Erhman added!

Sep 2Reconstr. R. Bentley (1720)

lofty boast abandoned

Sep 1Textual Ev. Masterlist: Matthew

Significant Variants List

Sep 1Reconstr. Wetstein: About-Face!

(1751) rejects older Uncials

Aug 30Reconstr. Erasmus: A Hard Look

(1988) retake on 'Reformer'

Aug 22Textual Ev. Weiss: Omissions

(1887) very common error

Aug 21Opponents Gilligan: PA

(1898) party line again

Aug 21Textual Ev. Lange: PA

(1871) for John's authorship

Aug 20Opponents Luthardt: PA

(1852) "looks synoptic"

Aug 20Textual Ev. Hort: TC Canons

(1882) principles examined

Aug 20Opponents D. Wallace: Conspiracy?

(2010) Hortian propaganda

Aug 19Opponents A.Plummer: the PA

(1902) 80 variants myth

Aug 19Textual Ev. Robinson: Western Text

(1893) Montanism, the PA

Aug 18Internal Ev. Wendt on PA

(1900) interpolations found

Aug 18Textual Ev. Dunwell on PA

(1872) w. Scrivener, Burgon

Aug 18Textual Ev. Thomas on PA

(1886) w. Farrar (1874)

Aug 17Opponents Tholuck on PA

(1836) authentic

Aug 17Opponents Hengstenberg on PA

(1865) custom forgery?

Aug 16Textual Ev. Leathes on PA

(1870) internal ev checked

Aug 16Textual Ev. J. MacRory on PA

(1914) RC position

Aug 15Textual Ev. Alexander: Acts 8:37

(1857) Latin variant support

Aug 15Textual Ev. All New Menus

nicer easier to use

Aug 15Reconstr. Hills: Erasmus' GNT

(1982) & Latin variants

Aug 14Reconstr. Mich.: Griesbach's GNT

(1802) contents described

Aug 14Textual Ev. H.Gamble: Interpolation

(1977) identifying marks

Aug 14Opponents Lias on PA

(1893) buys into Hort

Aug 14Reconstr. On Beza's GNT (TR)

(1598) based on Erasmus

Aug 13Reconstr. Michaelis: Wetstein GNT

(1802) in depth assessment

Aug 12Textual Ev. S. Whitney: the PA

(1892) historical authenticity

Aug 11Opponents R. Ward (1960) the PA

Koester, Schilling & Bishop

Aug 10Reconstr. Turner on Wordsworth

& Bentley, Lachmann

Aug 9Reconstr. Merk GNT:PA (1933-97)

basis: v.Soden w. GA MSS#

Aug 8Reconstr. Bengel GNT:PA (1734)

notes by Michaelis (1802)

Aug 8Reconstr. Hort's GNT: PA

(1882) appendix to John

Aug 7Interpret. H. Weiner: Virgin Law

(1904) corrects Dr. Driver

Aug 6Opponents Olshausen on PA

(1866) skeptical, inadequate

Aug 5Manuscripts Cod. GA-56,58,61

15th cent. miniscules: PA

Aug 4Reconstr. Michaelis: Mill's GNT

(1802) in depth assessment

over 100 New Articles added since January!
Aug 4Text-Crit Gerrard: TC Canons

(1823) organised variant ratings

Aug 3Textual Ev. Montgomery on Lucian

(1929) OT 'revision' in Dan.

Aug 3Reconstr. Epp on von Soden

(1993) the PA & MSS groups

Aug 2Textual Ev. Scholz on Text-types

(1830) Byzantine Priority

Aug 1Textual Ev. Michaelis on the PA

(1802) omitted from prudence

July 31Reconstr. Stephen's GNT: PA

(1550) Greek TR

July 30Reconstr. New Menu System

publ. texts & extras

July 29Reconstr. Wordsworth GNT: PA

(1868) 6th ed. & PA notes

July 28Reconstr. Alford GNT: PA

(1849) with PA notes

July 27Reconstr. Bloomfield GNT: PA

(1855) 9th ed. with PA notes

July 26Reconstr. Mill's GNT: PA

(1707) first critical NT?

July 25Textual Ev. R. Harris on Aleph/B/PA

evidence the PA was dropped!

July 24Textual Ev. 1st Cor 9:2 Omission

homoiteleuton in Codex Alexandr.

July 23Textual Ev. Hort (1896): Western Text

its 'poor' character, early age

July 22Supplem. Full Abbreviations List

books, patristic, journals etc.

July 21Reconstr. Common Abbreviations

Latin symbols, - Karl Maurer

July 20Interpret. The Best: Jn 8:1-11

Bible verse popups: RefTagger

July 19Textual Ev. T.Finney (1996) Missing MSS

7th-8th c. gap in MSS Evidence

July 18Textual Ev. Scrivener on Matt.21:28

Hort's fudging on PA evidence

July 17Textual Ev. J. Burgon 'Syrian' Recension

re-assessment and evaluation

July 16Supplement. 1917 A.D. = Muslim 1335

prophecy of Daniel 12:12 fulfilled

July 15Textual Ev. R. Bentley: PA

(1729) early collations

July 14Opponents Rius-Camps (2007) on PA

Markan/Lukan origin theory!

July 12Synoptics New Synoptic Chart

Modification of the Wilke Model

July 10Reconstr. Dykes on von Soden

Gary Dykes' MS lists for von Soden

July 8Reconstr. Corrections: Swanson, PA

Dr Robinson's collations via Dr. McFall

July 6TC Experts D. Sutton on PA

overlooked Syriac evidence

July 5TC Articles K.Lake: Western Text

a thorough look at theories

July 4Scrib.Errors J. Krans on GA-3

famous scribal error!

July 3Textual Ev. Scholia on the PA

text/translation of marginal notes

July 1Opponents A.Criddle (2007) on PA

theory of textual evolution?

June 26Textual Ev. R. Harris (1891) on PA

Western Text & Early Evid.for PA

June 25Reconstruct. R. Harris (1891) on TR

How Cod. D used by Stephen & Beza

June 24Reconstruct. Scrivener (1894) GNT: PA

The Greek underlying the KJV (A.V.)

June 23Reconstruct. NA-26 (1975-95) GNT: PA

UBS3/4, NA-26th -28th ed. : PA

June 21Internal Ev. Synoptic Vocabulary

Hawkins (1909) Horae Synopticae

June 19Manuscripts MS GA-1582 Text/Scholia

Amy Anderson: Fam. 1, 1582 & the PA

June 16Navigation New Site Map!

- now easier to find your way!

June 15Reconstruct. McLachlan's GNT: PA

..reconstructed Lukan text

June 14Chronology Temple Mount Chronology

..history of the Jerusalem Temple

June 13Reconstruct. J.M.S. Baljon GNT:PA

..full texts and apparatus (1898)

June 12Opponents McLachlan on PA

..full statement of Lukan theory

June 11Reconstruct. Lachman's Gk NT (PA)

..1st critical text to omit the PA

June 10Reconstruct. K. Lake on von Soden

looks at von Soden's textual theory

June 9 Internal Ev. Ed. Abbott (1905) Vocab.

..Abbott's opus Johannine Vocabulary!

June 7 Internal Ev. Buckley on the PA

..internal evid: non-Lukan authorship

June 6 Manuscripts MS GA-1006 & the PA

...note on scholia from Kirsopp Lake

June 1 Manuscripts MS GA-713 & the PA

...with analysis of text for Luke

May 31 Manuscripts Codex X (updated!)

... late Commentary debate continues

May 31 Manuscripts MS Chart (new)

Table: important manuscripts for PA

over 50 New Articles added since January!
May 30 Reconstruct. Bengel (1742)

now includes GNOMON! (English)

May 21Reconstruct. K. Lake on Tischendorf

K. Lake (1908): Tischendorf's Notes

May 19 Opponents Unitarians & 'modern NTs'

...how Unitarians have hijacked the NT

May 18 Internal Evid. J.D. Punch (2010): PA

- up-to-date thorough discussion

May 17 Internal Evid. Johnson on PA

...new stylistic trait of John exposed

May 12 Patristic Evid. Schoedel on Papias

...new Armenian Evidence examined

May 8 Google Blog New PA BLOG Site!

New fully featured blog for PA!

May 4 Patristic Evid. Gos. Barnabas & the PA

...Medieval Islamic Forgery quotes PA

May 1 Opponents Bruce Terry & the PA

Internet Metzgerites stuck in 1980s

Apr 23 Manuscripts Codex GA-682 & the PA

...new miniscule photos and text!

Apr 21 Manuscripts Codex GA-69 & the PA

...Family 13 miniscule photos and text!

Apr 20 News News Section Cleanup

- easy to use info on updates

Apr 11 Manuscripts Cod. Boreelianus (F/09)

- (9th c.) photos text updated

Apr 3 Manuscripts Cod. Bezae (D/05)

text & photos: variants highlighted

Mar 26 Manuscripts (P45)

- (c. 250 A.D.) MS of John

Mar 24 Manuscripts (P75)

- (c. 250-300 A.D.) John

Mar 23 Manuscripts Pap.Bodmer II (P66)

(c.250 A.D.) oldest MS: Full text John!

Mar 19 Manuscripts Codex B - online!

complete Gospel of John

Mar 15 Manuscripts Ez. Abbot(1872):Dating א/B

a response to Burgon

Mar 13 Manuscripts Skeat on Sinaiticus

date and origin of Codex Aleph

Mar 12 Manuscripts Uncials Masterlist

all the important ancient MSS

Mar 11 Manuscripts Burgon (1871): Dating א/B

Aleph 50-100 yrs newer than B!

Mar 10 Manuscripts Lowe/Rand: Dating MSS:

(1922) "How to" Article

Mar 9 Textual Evid. All new Textual Pages

key articles organized & linked

Mar 8 Opponents Zervos on the PA

- and the Prot.James

Mar 7 Manuscripts Codex 532 & the PA

...miniscule photos and text!

Mar 4 Versions Birdsall (2006) on PA

...in the Georgian texts

Mar 3 Manuscripts Codex W and the PA

- photos transcription analysis

Mar 3 Fast Index New FAST INDEX Menus

get to keypages/Articles fast!

Mar 3 Manuscripts Gwilliam on Burgon

- slanders corrected

Mar 2 Manuscripts Clark on the Papyri

- methodology must be reworked

Mar 1 Reconstruction IGNTP Text & Appar.

- Byz. Text/ MS support-easy view

Feb 27 Internal Ev. Witherington on the PA

...historical integrity investigated

Feb 27 Manuscripts Codex 1071

...Kirsopp Lake's collation for the PA

Feb 26 Manuscripts Codex X

not ancient: late Gospel Commentary!

Feb 25 Patristic Ev. Culpepper on the Alogoi

mystery Gnostic group nonexistant!

Feb 24 Internal Ev. Marlowe (2004) on bias

- in interpreting John's style

Feb 24 Scribal Errors Shipley on Dittography

copying errors: Latin transmission

Feb 24 Internal Ev. Burgon on Internal Evidence

authorship of PA, Tregelles...

Feb 23 Internal Ev. Linguistics & Methods

Mussies: individual MSS & scribes

Feb 22 Versions Codex Corbeiensis (ff)

-transcription of Old Latin (4th cent.) text

Feb 21 Manuscripts Codex Ephraemi (C)

-transcription of Greek text

Feb 19 Manuscripts E. Abbott (1905) on B

-readings Hort ignored!

Feb 18 Commentary Berkhof (1915) on John

- classic discussion on authorship/auth.

Feb 15 Reconstruction Carlson on CBGM

Carlson reviews new genealogical method

Feb 10 Art.by Topic updated UBS Gaffes II

- with modern notes. (+ Jn 3:13)

Feb 8 Art.by Topic Scrivener on Jn 5:3-4

- with modern notes.

Feb 2 Art.by Topic Stanton on Matthew 9:34

- deliberate omission of a whole verse

Jan 21 Scribal Errors UBS Gaffes - All 4 Gospels

- printable color-coded OpenOffice .odt file!