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Last Updated: Jan 6, 2009

Code of Hammurabi (1700 B.C.) - oldest Adultery law New!
Tale of Two Brothers (1225 B.C.) - oldest adultery story!
Story of Susanna - O.G. has "ορθρου" new!
Didache (60 - 120 A.D.) Greek/English + Commentary
The Egerton Fragment & 8:1-11 - NEW Early Evidence
Proto James & John 8:1-11 - Review of W.L. Petersen (1997)
Papias (c. 100 A.D.) - Greek/English
Gospel of Peter (150 A.D.) - & John 8:1-11 (+Unicode Greek) New!
Diatesseron of Tatian (140-160 A.D.) - knows about John 8:1-11!

Didaskalia (250 A.D.) on 8:1-11 - Quotes John 8:10-11 Expanded!
The Emperors on Adultery (c. 290-556 A.D.) - Roman Law
Eusebius and Emperor Constantine - coming soon!
Clementine Homilies - coming soon!
Apostolic Constitutions (c. 350 A.D.) - PA as Holy Scripture
Apostolic Const. Book II: Greek Text (c. 350 A.D.)

Faustus (c. 380-400 A.D.) on 8:1-11 - quoted by Augustine
Philostorgius (425 A.D.) on 8:1-11 evidence of tampering
Sedulius (425-450 A.D.) on 8:1-11 - PA as Holy Poetry New!

Coming soon:
Gospel of Thomas
Nag Hammadi Texts
Clementine Homilies
Eusebius and Constantine
Gospel of Barnabas

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