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  Early Writers and John 8:1-11  
c. 150 B.C. Susanna new!- O.G. has "ορθρου"
60-120 A.D.Didache- Greek & Commentary
100 A.D.Papias- Greek/English
140 A.D.Marcion- early tampering
150 A.D. Gospel of Peter- & John 8:1-11
c. 150 A.D. Susanna (Theod.) - Theod: πᾶς ὁ λαὸς
140-160 A.D. Diatesseron- knows of Jn 8:1-11
210 A.D. Tertullian- evidence of edict
220 A.D.Hippolytus - on Susanna & Origen
230 A.D. Origen- not so silent
250 A.D. Didaskalia- quotes Jn 8:1-11
290-556 A.D. The Emperors- Adultery & Roman Law
c. 330 A.D. Constantine- (see Philostorgius)
c. 350 A.D.Apostolic Constitutions- PA as Holy Scripture
Apostolic Const. - Greek Text
350 A.D. Ambrosiaster- a solid quotation
360 A.D. Didymus- quotes PA as scripture
370 A.D. Pacian- Supports Jerome
c. 384 A.D. Jerome - on John 8:1-11
Jerome's NT Preface- good discussion
388 A.D. Ambrose- quotes Jn 8:1-11
350-400 A.D.Epiphanius new! - Euseb. Canon has PA!
380-400 A.D. Faustus on PA- quoted by Augustine
400 A.D. AugustineSupports PA & TR
408 A.D. Rufinus- aware of PA
c. 400 A.D. Chrysostom- new evidence for PA
425 A.D. Philostorgius- discusses tampering
429 A.D.Theodoret- startling evidence
400-450 Sozomen new!- Constantine & Crispus
425-450 A.D. Sedulius - PA as Holy Scripture
4th-5th cent.Syriac PA- accepted as genuine
c.650+ A.D. Gospel of Barnabas new!- & the PA
c.700 A.D. The Venerable Bede- homily on PA
c.1100 A.D. Euthymius- evidence misused

  Featured Articles

Tertullian inadvertantly testifies of a significant edict by a bishop which strongly suggests John 8:1-11. At the same time he soils his own witness by exposing his bias against women, and also his faulty soteriology, which probably led to his failure to understand our passage.

Tertullian (210 A.D.) 8:1-11 - a source of heresy

Didymus (discovered in 1940) is now the earliest surviving Greek commentator to cite John 8:1-11 extensively as Holy Scripture, disproving the claim that "the early Greek commentators make no mention of it until the Middle Ages".

Didymus (360 A.D.) on John 8:1-11 - updated:Nov. 3 /07

Theodoret (429 A.D.) provides startling evidence regarding Constantine, Eusebius, the Council of Nicea and John 8:1-11. (Updated: Dec 19, 2008)

Theodoret (429 A.D.) on 8:1-11 amazing evidence

For unusual writers and documents, see our new non-Canonical page.

Extra Articles &
Supplementary Materials

Nunn shows how the patristic evidence has been mishandled and reinterpreted to undermine the ancient traditions regarding John, and to support modern theories.

Bewer explains the early history of the Syriac Church.

H.P.V. Nunn (1945) on John - & Patristic Evidence
L.Foster (1969): Apostolic Fathers Study of Quotations
Bewer (1900) on The Syrian Church - includes Peshitta
W. Schoedel (1992) on Papias - Armenian evidence
R.A. Culpepper (2000) on the Alogoi - Epiphanius as source
M. Koke (2010) on Papias - dating, John, Q New!

Coming soon:
Victorius of Victorinus (457),
Vigilius of Tapsus (484) in North Africa,
Gelasius, Bishop of Rome (492),
Cassiodorus of Southern Italy,
Gregory the Great, Chrysologus
Clementine Homilies, Eusebius and Constantine
Tatian's Diatesseron & Gospel of Barnabas

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