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19th Cent. Opponents: Chronological List
20th Cent. Opponents: Chronological List
21st Cent. Opponents: Chronological List
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19th Century Opponents (and earlier)
1598T. Beza new! mistaken doubts
1836A Tholuck new!Authentic, but insertion
1848S. Davidson Pt ITextual Evidence
S. Davidson Pt IILinguistic Evidence
1848J. S. Porter textual evidence
1852C.Luthardt new! "looks synoptic"
1854S. P. Tregelles textual evidence
1863H. B. Alford Pt I textual evidence
H. B. Alford Pt IINicolson's review
1865Hengstenberg pious forgery?
1866 H. Olshausen & Kendrick new!
1872 J.B. Lightfoot selling the RV
1875 H. Meyer blinded by text.evid.
1883 A. Edersheim old historicity args.
1886 Schaff selling RV again
1887 B.B. Warfield implausible proposal
1891 B. F. Westcott distances himself
1893 J. Lias new! buys into Hort
1895 J. MacLean new! standard fare
1896 F. J. A. Hort Pt. I Textual Evidence
F. J. A. Hort Pt. II (coming soon)
F. J. A. Hort Pt. III Overview & notes
1898W.Milligan new! party line again

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20th Century Opponents of PA
1901Nestle self-promotion
1902A. Plummer 80 variants? new!
1908Schmiedel doesn't know John
1909T. Zahn inadequate treatment
1921G.H. Box damage control?
1930Streeter confused & footnoted
1957R.H. Lightfoot a sales pitch
1960R.B. Ward new! 3 source theories
1965U. Becker oft cited dismissal
1971B. Metzger propaganda piece
1984G. Burge same old claims refuted
1989P.Comfort new!Hortian nonsense
1993G. D. Fee Why Hort's text?
1995L. Morris out of date fluff
1995J. White new!falsifying evidence
1997D. Parker unscientific trash
1998B. Terry Metzgerism defined

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21st Century Opponents of PA
2000R. Rayburn new!deceived by scholars
2001W. H. Harris see NETBIBLE (2007)
2002S. Wagner amateur refuted
2002S. Harstine disappointing drivel
2002D. A. Carson admits shady argument
2003J.P. Holding"looseleaf" by Luke?
2004M. Marlowe trying to dump St. Aug.
2006B. Ehrmann wild deception
2007A.Criddle modifying Ehrman
2007NETBIBLE borrowed from Harris!
2007D. Wallace seeking co-dependants
2007Zervos foreign source for PA?
2007Rius-Camps new! not Luke, but Mark?
2008Christianity Today Wallace's mouthpiece

  Supplementary Articles

Unitarians & Modern Versions 15 Unitarian Textual Critics new!
Clumsy Commentators on John 8:1-11 8 fumbles: 0 scores
C. W. Hodge (1880) on Textual Critics textual critics before the RV.
H. Osgood (1887) on 'scientific' Criticism Jesus vs.19th cent. Criticism
D. Wallace (2010) Conspiracy Theory - Hortian Propaganda...new!

  Selected Opponents

A textual critic 'cites' a part of Origen's commentary that doesn't exist, to support his argument against John 8:1-11! In passing, he also dismisses internal evidence against the passage.

Tregelles (1854) on John 8:1-11 textual evidence

The most commonly quoted statement against the authenticity of John 8:1-11 is shown to be an unscientific and inaccurate bit of propaganda.

B. Metzger (1971) on John 8:1-11 ANNOTATED

A self-confessed "agnostic" engages in a campaign of disinformation against the verses so as to discredit the Bible, but is caught repeatedly lying and perpetrating a deception, on National TV and Radio.

Ehrmann (2006) on John 8:1-11 propaganda engine

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More on Hort & and the Greek Text
Secret History of the Oxford Movement
The Subversion of English Protestantism
Freemasonry, Roman Catholicism and "Modern" versions
Evolution of Opponent Strategies: Study in Propaganda Technique

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