Textual Evidence

Codex Monacensis (q)
(Valerianus) 6th-7th cent.

Latin Scribe - Valerianus, Codex Monacensis, (6th-7th cent.)

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name: Codex Monacensis (q)
Date: 6th - 7th century A.D.
contains: e# (four gospels) in Latin

Considered to have an Italian text, though perhaps with a slightly different textual base. Written in a clumsy hand by a scribe named Valerianus. The Pericope de Adultera (John 7:53-8:11) is missing from main text (MS pg 451).

Codex Monacensis (q)

(Valerianus) - 6th - 7th century (pg 451)

John 7:52 ends at the beginning of the 5th line from bottom in column 1. Then there is a wide space and 3 dots.... and then verse 8:12 begins on the same line, and the Gospel of John continues down next column. This appears to be a manuscript prepared for public reading in an Italian church or monastery, or from an exemplar having the same purpose.