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Excerpt from: Codex Brixianus, title, (6th cent.)

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Statemaster lists it thus:

The Codex Brixianus is a 6th century Latin Gospel Book which was probably produced in Italy. The manuscript contains 419 folios. The text, written on purple dyed vellum, is a version of the old Latin translation which seems to have been a source for the Gothic translation of Ulfilas. At the base of each page is an arcade very similiar to that found in the Codex Argenteus.

Waltz (Encyclopedia of TC) tells us:

a Purple codex. The text seems to fall somewhere between the (European) Old Latin and the vulgate, and it has been conjectured that it was the sort of manuscript Jerome made his revision from. However, it has links to the Gothic (it has been conjectured that it was taken from the Latin side of a Gothic-Latin diglot), which make this less likely. It is distinctly more Byzantine and less "Western" than the average Old Latin. It is considered to be an Italian text.

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Codex Brixianus


Sample Page:

10: Codex Brixianus, Folio 184v   (John 7:49 - 8:13)

Folio 184v

      saeis credidit in eum˙ 7:49 sed
      turba haec quae non no
      uit legem˙ maledicti sunt
      50 dixit autem nicodemus
      ad eos˙ ille qui uenit ad eu̅
      nocte˙ qui unus erat ex
      ipsis˙ 51 numquid lex nos
      tra iudicat hominem˙ ni
      si prius audierit ab eo˙ et
      cognouerit quid faciat
      52 responderunt et dixerunt
      ei˙ numquid et tu a galilaea
      es˙ scrutare et uide˙ quia
      propheta a galilaea non
      surgit˙/om/ 8:12 iterum ergo lo
      cutus est eis ih̅s dicens
      ego sum lux mundi˙ qui me
      secutus fuerit˙ non ambu
      lauit in tenebris˙ sed ha
      bebit lumen uitae˙ 13 dixerunt

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