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A Website dedicated to John 8:1-11

This website is dedicated to the study of a very important passage in the Bible, in which Jesus prevents the stoning of a woman who was accused of adultery.

Many of you will be familiar with it.   Not only is this story popular, it is one of the most important passages in the Gospel of John.

You can read the text of John 8:1-11 with pictures here,

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A Key Controversy

Throughout its history, many people have tried to discredit this passage, and even remove it from the Bible.   However, the passage was attacked for political, rather than scientific reasons. Our goal is to provide the full story regarding the passage, including, previously undiscovered evidence that has a bearing on its authenticity.

For a good introduction to the history
of the verses, try Hodges on 8:1-11.

An Important Current Issue

Even today, in many parts of the world, women continue to be stoned to death for adultery at the hands of ignorant mobs.   In some cases, an accusation of 'adultery' is just an excuse for a man to cast away his 'wife' and acquire another.

A longstanding history of misogyny and injustice permeates many societies and cultures.   Rarely are victims of this abuse given fair trials or even an opportunity defend themselves.   Only religious education, legal strategies and political pressure can combat this injustice.

For more on this aspect of John 8:1-11, see our Help Page.

Rare and Important Articles and photographs

This website provides resources for researchers and students, who seek reliable historical information on textual criticism, historical evidences, and the Bible. Our focus is New Testament, Gospel of John, especially John 8:1-11.

We now have over 350 different onsite articles and pages, with many high-resolution color photos of manuscripts, charts and maps!

Try our page: Top Ten MSS for John for a sample of our storehouse!

Scholarship by Believers for Believers

We provide non-denominational Christian research and viewpoints.

For a good introductory commentary on these verses, try the power commentary here, where the best insights of commentators for the last 500 years have been collected in one article:
The Best on John 8:1-11.

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