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For a fast, balanced presentation of the issue.

You may already be deeply familiar with Christianity, world religions, the recent history of the Western nations (Europe and North America), and also with the contents of the Bible.

Nonetheless, you may still find some of the suggested reading so full of annoying technical jargon and specialist short-forms and acronyms that it becomes misleading or impenetrable in some places.

In this case, we suggest you open a second browser window to one of the online dictionaries of Textual-Critical terms and abbreviations. This way, if you get stuck in mid-sentence, you can find the item, plug in the reference, and continue reading. For instance, you can click here to open a useful lexicon in another window:

Fuller list of terms and symbols from
Latin Abbreviations in Critical Texts

More detailed lists and helps can be found on the Main Help Page.

Reading Shortlist:

On Authenticity:

Z. Hodges (1979) on John 8:1-11 - excellent introduction!
New Textual Evidence for John 8:1-11: Part I - with photos!
J. P. Heil (1991,1993) on John 8:1-11 with new rejoinder
O.T. Quotation Structure in John - new internal evidence
Davidson (1848) on John 8:1-11 - a good look at internal evidence

On Interpretation:

Online Christian Commentary Our 'in house' study
M. Glass (2006) - Adultery in Christian/Muslim cultures

On the Text:

Robinson-Pierpont (2005) on John 8:1-11

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